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PUT DOWN THE BOX DYE!....we're begging you!

Ever been tempted to grab a new colour while you're out getting the groceries? After all, the model on the box looks incredible, her hair looks amazing, surely yours will look the same, right? Hmm...We've listed 4 good reasons your hairdresser wants you to put that box dye down!

1. Unpredictable results

The model on the box may have long, shiny locks that are perfectly coloured but unfortunately this is not a guarantee you'll experience the same results.

Box dyes contain one standard formula for all hair types. Unfortunately one standard formula is not going to give the same results for people with different hair types. This can be very damaging to the hair due the the harsh ingredients. For example; people with finer hair should expect a different results to people with thicker/coarser hair when using the same box colour, or someone with naturally darker hair will have different results to someone who has naturally blonde hair.

There is certainly more to colouring hair than simply picking a colour and applying it from roots to ends. As professional colourists we study 3-4 years to qualify as hairdressers and continue our education throughout our careers to keep up to date with the latest techniques and colour trends. There are elements of both art and science that are important to consider when colouring hair. We always recommend you seek professional advice before any colour service. You can rest assured you're in good hands with an experienced professional.

2. Higher chance of allergic reactions.

Did you know that box dyes are known to harbour dangerous ingredients that can leave you more susceptible to an allergic reaction? They contain an overload of ingredients in an attempt to cater to all hair types, rather than a tailored formula to suit the needs of the individuals unique hair needs.

3. Expensive to fix.

In the salon, we often have to conduct colour corrections to help clients who have attempted to box dye their hair at home. Colour corrections involving box dye usually cost upwards of $500 and can take up to 7 hours in salon, not to mention follow up appointments to continue the correction process.

It is extremely difficult to remove dark box dyes from the hair, yes, even after just one application. We can't emphasise this enough.

We often have clients that want to go from a dark box dye to a bright clean blonde but box dyes make this very difficult and sometimes impossible to achieve.

It is usually a very long and expensive process with multiple rounds of lightening which can be very damaging to the hair. You can often expect to lose some of your length in the process as the hair is so stained from the box dye and requires more lightening sessions than normal.

4. Long recovery for your hair.

As mentioned above, certain box dye formulas can cause damage to the hair with their overload of harsh ingredients and create serious issues when trying to remove them from the hair. Professional products certainly help along the way when it comes to repairing your hair but it can be a very long & expensive process to get your hair back to its healthy, silky, self.

We believe the best thing you can do is stick to having your colours applied by an experienced professional - its what's best for your hair...and your bank balance.

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